Speaker Bio

Bikalpa Neupane, PhD

IBM Watson

 Bikalpa Neupane, Ph.D is currently leading the AI Natural Language Understanding product group at IBM Watson. Prior to his current role, he served as a researcher, a data scientist and a software manager at fortune 100 companies such as Microsoft, and academic institutions such as Penn State - UP, EPFL-Switzerland, University of Technology Sydney across USA, Australia, Asia and Europe. Bikalpa is the founder of an EdTech startup, ‘omviser’ where he leads a team of 20+ engineers and product managers. He’s been an active mentor and consultant to technology companies and startups in the USA and Asia. He is known for bringing scientific inquiry and rigorous analysis to the product development cycle particularly in areas of scaling machine learning, productionizing data science, building unified engineering culture, enriching developer experiences and infusing trustworthy/fair AI at the Center of AI excellences. He’s published academic papers and articles in human computer interaction and artificial intelligence design journals. He’s been teaching graduate level Data Mining and Natural Language Processing courses at Harvard Extension school.